How to Buy Pepe Coin on Coinbase? Step-by-Step Guide

PEPE’s performance has been impressive, and the crypto coin continues to show promising signs of potential growth. With a sizable number of holders, trade volume, and social media buzz, PEPE loyalists are optimistic that the asset retains significant upside potential for another bull run. Note that all trading pairs, volumes, and fees listed below are as of mid-Oct 2023. ZenGo is a fantastic choice if you want to keep PEPE coin in a software wallet.

  1. Note that all trading pairs, volumes, and fees listed below are as of mid-Oct 2023.
  2. For some lucky investors, PEPE has already been wildly profitable.
  3. However, Pepe coin is only available on Coinbase Wallet, one of the top hot crypto wallets, for you to buy.
  4. This sentiment fueled a staggering 400,000% price increase in mere weeks after its debut.

It even allows other Coinbase wallet users to easily connect and send funds to your account. The key factors that drive a crypto’s price include the adoption of its network, investor sentiment, utility, competition, the overall crypto market, and basic supply and demand. The price could rise further if more people adopt pepe against a limited token supply.

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Pepe coin is one of the top meme coins and is available to buy on major crypto exchanges, increasing its adoption in the crypto community. Despite having the potential to make profits, investors are our community stuck on complex platforms, finding it difficult to buy meme coins like Pepe coins. Yes, as of Oct. 2023, Binance has listed multiple PEPE trading pairs including PEPE/USDT, PEPE/TUSD, and PEPE/TRY.

If you are confused and wondering about how to proceed to buy Pepe coins on Coinbase, look no further. The present article explains the step-by-step process on how to buy Pepe Coin using Coinbase wallet. Apart from credit cards, PEPE can also be bought using Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank transfers, debit cards, or by swapping other cryptocurrencies. Yet, its design seems to tap into the memecoin frenzy, reminiscent of the likes of dogecoin and shiba inu. The primary distinction is that while the others draw inspiration from canines, PEPE is all about the amphibian charm. Pepe coin surpassed the $1 billion market cap just weeks after its April 2023 launch.

Buy Ethereum on the Coinbase exchange platform and transfer it to your Coinbase wallet. ETH is essential to buy Pepe coins as well as to pay gas fees, the network transaction fees while purchasing. So, you must keep some extra ETH aside to cover gas fees, as it determines how fast the transaction gets executed.

Coinbase wallet is a self-custody wallet and you can install its mobile application or add its browser extension. In line with the Trust Project guidelines, the educational content on this website is offered in good faith and for general information purposes only. BeInCrypto prioritizes providing high-quality information, taking the time to research and create informative content for readers.

Note that you may need to undergo a mandatory KYC verification process before being able to deposit funds. With bitcoin treading water, the broader crypto market struggled to generate returns. Although meme tokens often lack real-world utility, their viral nature and marketing hype can lead to major price spikes, as seen with dogecoin. Pepe quickly cemented its status as a recognizable crypto asset by piggybacking on the familiar Pepe meme. You can buy PEPE coins on reputable exchanges such as Gemini, Coinbase and OKX. Review 2024: A Look At Security, Fees, and Features

Using the exchange’s trading interface, enter the amount you want to purchase and the bid price. Upon completing the trade, the PEPE will enter your exchange wallet. Once registered, deposit money into your account via bank transfer for fiat currency or by sending crypto from your existing crypto wallet. Follow the exchange’s procedures for linking your bank or transferring cryptocurrency.

The fee structure is competitive, with both maker and taker fees set at 0.1%. Our testing particularly highlighted the intuitive nature of Binance’s interface, which significantly streamlined the trading process, cryptocurrency hackers use youtube to target computers for bitcoin and ripple mining making it efficient and user-friendly. However, though they are convenient for accessing your funds on the go, software wallets are more vulnerable to hacking and malware attacks compared to hardware wallets.

Buy Pepe coin on Coinbase Using ETH

With countless cryptocurrency exchanges to choose from, do your homework to pick one that’s secure, reputable, and charges reasonable fees. We are using Binance to demonstrate the procedure, but you can choose any other exchange you may prefer. Just ensure that the exchange supports trading between PEPE and the currency you want to deposit.

Buying PEPE as straightforward as buying any other cryptocurrency —  especially considering that several centralized and decentralized exchanges have listed it. Some of the top crypto exchanges to have listed PEPE include Binane, Kraken, KuCoin, and OKX, among many others. For users prioritizing privacy, UniSwap facilitates PEPE swaps without an intermediary through its DEX platform. KuCoin, mirroring Binance’s 0.1% fee for makers and takers, stood out during our evaluation. The platform offered a smooth experience for PEPE trades but also impressed us with their extensive selection of altcoins. Uniswap, with their trading pairs like PEPE/WETH, PEPE/LOVE, and PEPE/USDC, and a trading volume of over $2M in 24 hours, offers a unique experience.

PEPE coin’s meteoric rise has given crypto investors a reason to keep tracking it and dabbling in the token. ZenGo uses threshold cryptography and biometric identification systems (such as fingerprint or face recognition) to provide an extra layer of security. The app also has an intuitive interface that guides you through the process of managing your crypto assets. If you are considering storing your PEPE coins in wallets, here are the best hardware and software wallets to consider. Depending on the exchange, you’ll be able to deposit fiat currency (USD, EUR) or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum directly into your account. The PEPE token has attracted attention from investors seeking an investment that’s going to the moon, thanks to its meme status and an active crypto community.

This will display the PEPE wallet address to copy for withdrawals. Find the PEPE coin trading pair in the exchange’s trading section. Depending on your trading goal or strategy, this would be PEPE/USDT, PEPE/BTC, PEPE/ETH or whichever pairing the exchange offers.

Meanwhile, those who bought at or near the peak will be less pleased as the memecoin has shed substantial value since its exponential growth in May. Historically, memecoins have delivered eye-popping returns overnight, and PEPE was no different. It has slid down the ranks slightly since and, as of October 2023, ranks 104th in terms of market cap. Pepe is a memecoin, devoid of foundational value or tangible utility.

Where to buy PEPE

OKX is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of trading pairs, including PEPE/USDT. It provides a comprehensive trading environment for PEPE, with a broad spectrum of trading options available. The platform’s liquidity ensured our PEPE trades were executed swiftly, a critical aspect of effective trading. We also liked OKX’s balance should people invest in bitcoin to hedge against regular markets of advanced features with an accessible user interface, which catered well to our expectations. KuCoin is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of trading pairs, including PEPE/USDT. The platform offered a smooth experience for our PEPE trades, with its wide selection of altcoins and user-friendly interface standing out.

This means you don’t have to worry about protecting and backing up your private keys. Investing in PEPE right now looks appealing considering how well the coin has performed recently. Additionally, being an AI-based cryptocurrency, PEPE could profit from advancements and excitement in the field of AI technology, which could have an impact on its price. The final step is to buy your preferred amount of Pepe coins on Coinbase wallet using ETH. After you add ETH to the Coinbase wallet, you can swap your ETH funds for Pepe coins on the platform. As with other meme-led currencies, PEPE lacks robust fundamentals and intrinsic value.